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Ceco Concrete Construction Phoenix Office provides formwork and full division 3 frame services to clients in Arizona, California and Nevada since 1986.

Headquarters of the Southwest Region, Ceco’s Phoenix office has extensive experience reacting to vastly different market dynamics in CA, AZ and NV. Whether providing differing scope, union and non-union labor preferences or complex architectural designs, we have done it all in the Southwest. Ceco’s diverse experience in all types of structural concrete construction, from single story podiums to fast-tracked and high-profile mega projects, gives our staff a wealth of knowledge and expertise in building any type of project for our clients.

Our breadth of experience building virtually all types of concrete structures in a wide variety of geographic locations can help your project team from start to finish. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable project partner who can help your design team navigate challenges, look no further. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with our customers to build successful projects that our client, the project owner and the structure’s occupants will be elated with for years. This starts in preconstruction and carries through completion, and we are well-versed in providing meaningful input throughout the process.

As the critical path element of the construction process, the structural concrete package is not something to be trusted to a guy in a pickup. Ceco is financially strong and can often bond more than our clients. Give us a call today and let us show you how Ceco can add value to your project team.

Office Contacts

Jeff McCormick
District Manager (AZ, NV, SoCal)

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