• The Collegiate

    Ceco Concrete

    The Collegiate

    Construction is wrapping up at The Collegiate, a #CecoConcrete project located in Lincoln, NE for Hausmann Construction. This project features two 13-level free-standing core walls. This project is being completed for owner Trinitas Ventures, with...

  • Madison Yards - Block 2

    Ceco Concrete

    Madison Yards - Block 2

    We are topping out at Madison Yards, a 16-level mixed-use development in Madison, WI for Summit Smith Development and Gilbane Development Company. #CecoConcrete provided formwork services for this project, utilizing a truss system that allowed us to form...

  • Avenue Bellevue

    Ceco Concrete

    Avenue Bellevue

    The #CecoConcrete Seattle has topped out at Avenue Bellevue, a pair of mixed-use towers located in Bellevue, WA for DCI Engineers. Ceco completed frame services for this project which includes a 25-level West Tower, and a 26-level South Tower both over a...

  • 315 College Main Apartments

    Ceco Concrete

    315 College Main Apartments

    Work is complete at 315 College Main Apartments, a #CecoConcrete project located in College Station, TX with Rogers O'Brien Construction. This 19-level project includes 1 level of below-grade garage, 5 levels of garage above grade, and 12 levels of...

  • Upper Arlington Gateway

    Ceco Concrete

    Upper Arlington Gateway

    Work is complete at Upper Arlington Gateway, a 7-story cast-in-place garage with an attached 3-story garage and podium located in Upper Arlington, OH for Continental Real Estate Companies. #CecoConcrete completed formwork services for this project with...

  • University of Florida Honors College

    Ceco Concrete

    University of Florida Honors College

    Home, sweet home, gators! Construction is complete at the University of Florida Honors College, a #CecoConcrete project located in Gainesville, FL for The Weitz Company, LLC. This unique project includes 5 six-story buildings that serve as additional...

  • 12th & Yesler

    Ceco Concrete

    12th & Yesler

    #CecoConcrete has completed #construction at 12th & Yesler, a formwork-only project located in Seattle, WA for W.G. Clark Construction. This residential and retail project, built for Centric Partners, included 1 level below grade and 3 above. Special...

  • UMASS Substructure Quadrangle

    Ceco Concrete

    UMASS Substructure Quadrangle

    Work is complete at UMASS Substructure Quadrangle, a #CecoConcrete formwork and pan construction project with Marguerite Construction and Gilbane Building Company. With architecture by nbbj and structural engineering by ARUP USA, this project will...

  • Skye on 6th

    Ceco Concrete

    Skye on 6th

    #CecoConcrete is topping out at Skye on 6th, a 25-story residential tower located in Phoenix, AZ for the Hubbard Street Group. Ceco's scope for this project included a full frame with PT slabs. The Ceco - Phoenix office worked with Clayco Construction on...

  • Mercy Hospital Project Care

    Ceco Concrete

    Mercy Hospital Project Care

    Our #CecoConcrete Cincinnati office is topping out at the Mercy Health Kings Mills Hospital in Mason, OH with Danis Building Construction. This project includes two large 58,000 SF levels topped by two smaller 22,000 SF levels and a small roof. Special...

  • Ithacan Development

    Ceco Concrete

    Ithacan Development

    #CecoConcrete has completed #construction at the Ithacan Development (formerly Rothschild) in Ithaca, NY with Purcell Construciton Corporation. Ceco's Hartford office provided services for 4 levels of structural concrete, with 2 sets of core walls rhat...

  • Santa Fe Square

    Ceco Concrete

    Santa Fe Square

    #CecoConcrete is topping out at Santa Fe Square, a 12-story office tower and parking garage structure for Santa Fe Crossing LLC. This project, located in Tulsa, OK, is in partnership with Cantera Concrete, with architecture by CallisonRTKL and structural...

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