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“We would like to thank Ceco Concrete for the amazing performance they gave to complete the concrete work for South Texas Health System Edinburg RMC. Ceco shortened our original concrete duration and fought through an abnormal amount of rainfall to deliver the structure on time. They accomplished this with no significant injuries and did an outstanding job with quality. The team [General Superintendent Mike Schautteet, Project Superintendent Francisco Urrutia, Project Manager Kenneth Mack, Engineer Floyd Golding, BIM Technician Vincent Casas, Regional Safety Manager David Harris] appeared to be an "A" team from Ceco. We gave Ceco a 100% customer satisfaction rating. It would be our pleasure to work with Ceco again, and we look forward to the experience.”

Dusty Gallas, Lead Project Superintendent; Jeremiah Lagalo, Project Manager

  • 1200 Stewart St

    Ceco Concrete

    1200 Stewart Street

    Seattle, Washington Ceco Concrete is providing full concrete frame services—including all formwork, concrete supply, shotcrete and pump, place and finishing work—for two 48-story...

  • 12th & Yesler

    Ceco Concrete

    12th & Yesler

    #CecoConcrete has completed #construction at 12th & Yesler, a formwork-only project located in Seattle, WA for W.G. Clark Construction. This residential and retail project, built for Centric...

  • 1300 E 5th Street

    Ceco Concrete

    1300 E 5th Street

    #CecoConcrete is wrapping up construction at 1300 E 5th Street, a formwork-only project located in downtown Austin, TX. This project, for Rogers O'Brien Construction, consists of a 5-level...

  • 17th & Grand

    Ceco Concrete

    17th & Grand

    12-STORY OFFICE WITH 7 LEVELS OF PARKING (TWO BELOW GRADE) Nashville, Tennessee Located in Nashville’s historic Music Row district, the 17th & Grand development provides commercial office...

  • 2201 9th Avenue

    Ceco Concrete

    2201 9th Avenue

    MULTI-STORY MIXED USE OFFICE AND RESIDENTIAL TOWER Seattle, Washington Below grade perimeter walls were left out and came in behind construction. Office tower and residential tower were built...

  • 300 Main

    Ceco Concrete

    300 Main

    #CecoConcrete is wrapping up #construction at 300 Main, a 33-level, flat plate residential tower and garage with Rogers O'Brien Construction. When complete, this project for Weston Urban will consist...

  • 308 East Green Street Apartment Building

    Ceco Concrete

    308 East Green Street Apartment Building

    16-STORY CONCRETE APARTMENT BUILDING Champaign, Illinois This 16-story concrete apartment building was built by Ceco Concrete Construction, a nationwide design-assist structural concrete contractor...

  • 315 College Main Apartments

    Ceco Concrete

    315 College Main Apartments

    Work is complete at 315 College Main Apartments, a #CecoConcrete project located in College Station, TX with Rogers O'Brien Construction. This 19-level project includes 1 level of below-grade garage,...

  • 3M Laboratory Building 280

    Ceco Concrete

    3M Laboratory Building 280

    CONCRETE LABORATORY AND RESEARCH FACILITY St. Paul, Minnesota Ceco Concrete Construction, a nationwide design-assist structural concrete formwork and frame contractor, built this concrete laboratory...

  • 4 Marq Apartment Tower

    Ceco Concrete

    4 Marq Apartment Tower

    30-STORY CONCRETE APARTMENT TOWER Minneapolis, Minnesota This 30-story concrete apartment tower was built by Ceco Concrete Construction, a nationwide design-assist structural concrete formwork and...

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